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Captain Fin Christenson Tracker 8 Single Fin Surfboard Fin

Captain Fin Christenson Tracker 8

Captain Fin
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Template: Drive—raked fin for down-the-line drive.

Ideal Board: Mid-Lengths with 2 + 1 fin setups.

Construction: Fiberglass construction.

Chris Christenson designed the Tracker series for bigger boards the way he likes—simplified and basic. There’s a slightly wider base for drive and just enough rake that combines with a thinner tip for a tighter radius on turns and less drag. The 8’0” Tracker is made for mid-lengths in the 6’6” to 8’0” range and is good for down-the-line speed and smooth arcs.

Fin Specification Size
Area 27.33"
Height 8.0"
Base 5.6"
Foil 50/50