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Carver Super Snapper CX Surfskate Complete 28"

Carver Super Snapper CX Surfskate Complete 28"

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There is a limit to two Carver complete skateboards of any combination per order! Please do not order more than two Carver skateboards per order or we will have to cancel the order. Carver completes are not eligible for $5 shipping.

Building on the lessons learned from riding bigger wheels and taller risers for more radical carving performance, Carver scaled this concept down for a highly maneuverable mini that snaps and pumps like nothing you’ve ever ridden before. Made with a shorter Hyperspoon mold for a deep-dish nose concave and full tail kick on a shorter wheelbase, this little-big-board features big, juicy 70mm Ecothane wheels for crazy grip and deep-railed carves.

  • Width: 9.625"
  • Length: 28"
  • Wheelbase: 15.375"
  • Nose: 3.5"
  • Tail: 5.625
  • Trucks: Carver CX
  • Wheels: 70MM ECOMAG Aqua 81A