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XCEL Comp-X Booties 3mm Split Toe

XCEL Comp-X Booties 3mm Split Toe

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Built for warmth, control, and flexibility, XCEL's Comp-X Split Toe 3mm Booties are designed to give a feel that's as close to barefoot as possible. 

Keeping the sole thin lets you get vital feedback from your board and apply pressure in the right places at the right amount. The fully sealed, glued-and-blind stitched Comp-X boot is dipped in liquid neoprene for a light weight barrier providing extra warmth. 

  • Liquid neoprene exterior
  • Glued and blind stitched
  • Engineered design
  • Pull-up ankle loop
  • Split toe
  • Deconstructed strapless design
  • Ultra thin sole