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Futures Stretch Quad Fins Review

When someone asks for an all-around, everyday, rippable quad set, my recommendation, without hesitation, is for the Futures Stretch Quad Fins. I've had a set of these in the rotation since 2010, and shudder to think of what my life would be like without them. A big-wave set-up they are not. These fins go great on a shortboard or small-wave performance design, and are designed for fast, top-to-bottom, in-the-pocket surfing.

Futures Stretch Quad Fin Set in FIrewire Mashup Surfboard

Speed and responsiveness are what these fins bring to your game. As with any quad, they're fast. That custom Stretch foil on the front fins however, lets them accelerate like a Nevera, getting up to racing speed as soon as you take off. These fins feel like cheating when doing turns. They change direction effortlessly, and slide through the apex of snaps and lip bashes with a forgiving glide, reengaging at will as soon as you pressure the tail a little. They hold carves well of course, they're quads, and once you commit to sinking that rail you'll carry speed all the way through and be loaded up for whatever's next, thanks to that foil. They are versatile enough for a daily driver board, and and have held up well in surf up to a little overhead. Big, stable, straight-line, huge-barrel drivers they are not, however.

If you're looking for a quad set that's versatile, fast and easy to turn (and who isn't?), then get a set of the Future Stretch Quads, right now. There's a reason these fins have been around so long and have so many fans. They bring reliable fun to every session.    

Futures Fins Stretch Quad Set in a Firewire Mash Up Surfboard