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Futures Mayhem 3.0 5-Fin Set Medium

Futures Mayhem 3.0 5-Fin Set Medium

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“The Mayhem 3.0 is an all new template. With the trends in modern HP shortboards going towards more curve under the rear foot for critical pocket surfing, we felt the need for the fins to evolve with the board rockers. We wanted to add a bit more base, with more rake and a narrower tapered tip than our long-standing thruster template.

The idea with the base and rake is more resistance and bite when deep into turns and to maintain drive through tight radius turns. The reduced tip area, with a tapered flex, adds release and freedom for quick transitions in and out of turns, when needed. We’ve been taking these fins to the wave pools for controlled, repeatable testing, and also worked with our crew of diverse sized, elite surfers for feedback and input.”

- Matt Biolos

  • Template Category - Neutral (all-around | versatile)
  • Construction - Honeycomb 
  • Ride Number - Balanced – thruster = 5.4, quad = 4.9
  • Size - Medium (145-175 lbs)
Side Fins Center Fin
Area 15.18 14.93 11.62
Height 4.59 4.55 4.20
Base 4.50 4.47 4.03
Angle 6.5 SYMM 3.0
Foil FLAT 50/50 80/20