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XCEL Drylock Booties 5mm Split Toe

XCEL Drylock Booties 5mm Split Toe

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The XCEL Drylock Split Toe Boot is a tried-and-true performance bootie that maximizes board feedback. A single layer rubber bottom gives as close a feel to barefoot as possible. Celliant Black technology weaves heat-retaining minerals into the thermal lining of the boot, for more warmth without more bulk. Water entry is prevented thanks to the often-imitated Drylock ankle seal, which works in tandem with an ergonomic instep strap to keep the boots snugly fit to your feet. Maximum flexibility is attained through XCEL's Channel Flex outer layer, which minimizes surface tension for complete freedom of movement.

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  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Entry: Drylock
  • Neoprene: Channel Flex
  • Seams: Glued and Blind Stitched, Taitex Outer Tape, Internally Taped
  • Lining: Celliant Black
  • Exterior: Channel Flex Jersey
  • Ergo Instep Cinch Strap
  • Pull Up Ankle Loop
  • Quick-Dry Fibers
  • Single Rubber Bottom

XCEL wetsuit size chart here.